Sunday, April 1, 2018

Too Busy for Browns?

Spring break has been this past week and while I did have some time away from work, I didn't have much time to get out and chase some fish around. I agreed to play saxophone on a project that the University of Utah is working on, David Maslanka's 10th Symphony. That means that not only have I been driving up to Salt Lake City for rehearsals, but also putting in quite a bit of time in the practice room (the practice room is also my fly tying room, so I usually tie a fly or two during breaks). Yesterday, I had a rehearsal that started in the evening so I had a little time to stop and fish on the way up there. I figured I could stop somewhere for about 40 minutes and not risk being late. Even during the drive I was still thinking about not risking a stop (I hate being late) but the lack of people at a spot that I used to frequent was too much to resist. In order to keep it quick I didn't put on waders and just rigged up my rod as I walked down to the water, on went a Prince Nymph under a big foam dry.

The first likely spot was a nice riffle just below a pool and it didn't take more than a couple of casts to find the first willing fish. The fish put a nice bend in the fiberglass rod and made the stress of scheduling lift from my mind.

Working my way upstream I spotted a fish working the top side of the riffle and he didn't need a second look to decide that the Prince Nymph looked good to him. Quickly to the net, and I was starting to wonder what was going on. I flipped a rock and the very active bugs let me know that there was a lot of feed in the stream and the fish were definitely tuned in.

In the pool I had to work a little more but a fish next to the bank gave me a good hook up and I was happily connected to another great looking brown. I had to work a little bit to get him in the net, but it didn't take too long. Once he was there I unhooked him and threw my flies back out into the current and eased him into the water. I wanted to make sure he was ready before letting go, but apparently he felt good enough to eat my fly again! I felt sorry for the fish as I had to re-land him.

I hardly ever catch a fish on my last cast but this day (can this short of a time on the water be a 'day'?) the fish-gods were definitely smiling down on me. The fourth fish came in quickly and I returned him as fast as I could. I took down the rod as I walked to my car and made it to rehearsal with no problems. Glad I took the time to visit the stream.

Hope you're as lucky,

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