Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cows and Browns

The weekends seem to keep getting filled up with work, chores, errands, and honey-dos that have been making it hard to get any fishing in. Mid-day Sunday it seemed like the bulk of the most pressing work had been checked off and the warm, cloudy weather had me thinking about the stream. The wife was more than ready to get me out of the house so I loaded up and made a mad dash to take advantage of the daylight still left. 

The rings from the rising fish seemed like an image pulled straight from my day-dreams (though in my dreams there were definitely more of them). I tied a Quill Parachute onto some 6x and high stepped into position to avoid pushing too much water. First cast laid the fly just behind where the most accessible fish was rising, but the second cast was on the money. A quiet sip, a lift of the rod tip, a quick fight and I had my first fish on a dry fly for the year. 

Too bad the little guy managed to put the rest of the fish in the pool down! I decided to hike instead of waiting for them to come back, and made my way to one of my favorite spots on this stream. Once I got there however, a large black cow had decided to wade in for a drink. She muddied up the water and scared a bunch of fish out of the hole. As they streaked away I noticed that there were a couple of really nice fish (for this stream) that I'd like to meet! Did a 180ยบ turn and started fishing my way back to the truck. I decided to tie on a higher floating dry to support a dropper or two. Both the BH Prince Nymph and the Pheasant Tail found fish right away. 

Fish seemed to be everywhere, and most were willing to take my nymphs pretty aggressively! It really felt like Summer with fish taking both droppers and even a few that came up for my big dry. 

Nothing big, but a ton of fun. Fishing was so good that it took my attention away from my surroundings a bit more than usual. A sudden loud thump from just behind me brought my attention back real quick! A cow had snuck up behind me and then gotten startled when I went to cast. Once we both realized that the situation wasn't as alarming as it first seemed, she stood there and watched me fish until it was time for me to move on. 

The sun was going down before I was ready to call it quits, but there wasn't much more I could ask of the day. 
Hope you're as lucky,

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