Thursday, January 25, 2018

Book Review: Brook Trout & The Writing Life

Amazingly, I found time to read again despite the fact that I probably shouldn't have made time for this. From a purely practical stance, this should've been a ways down the priority list for me, but from a standpoint of actually taking care of myself and enjoying life this book found me at the perfect time.

Craig Nova's "Brook Trout & The Writing Life" was an easy read that told of his coming up in the world as a writer, a father, a husband, and a fly fisherman. Very quickly I fell into his life through the man's beautiful way with words, not only about brook trout but about all aspects of his life. This book made me want to become a better writer. A definite must read.

"One of the beauties of fishing, or spending time in the natural world, is being surprised when you least expect it." pg. 140

No, I'm not affiliated with this book in any way and I don't receive any compensation for recommending it. Just passing on the good word. Buy it on Amazon HERE

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