Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring Skunk

It seems like when the weather turns warm I always start fishing more stillwater. Too bad I suck at it. This weekend I decided to break out the kick boat and go for some chunky rainbows. What I found was a beautiful backdrop to a serious skunking.

The plan was to do some fishing while waiting for my Dad and his wife to show up and join me. But by the time they had made it down and set up their 5th wheel trailer the wind had kicked into overdrive. So we went out for lunch and talked over some possible house plans for my upcoming build. Once the options had been exhausted we hatched a plan for the afternoon fishing.

We thought that we could reach a different lake in the area for a change in fortunes. The nice weather had convinced us that it was later in the year than it felt like, but the snow on the road reminded us that it was still early.

A beautiful place, but a frozen lake waited for us at the end of an interesting ride through the snow and mud. This is definitely a place that I'd like to revisit in the coming months and do some camping, fishing, and hiking. Soon...

Hope you're luckier,

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