Saturday, June 11, 2016

Summer Conference - Day 2

(Read day one's adventure HERE)

When my Dad and Brothers drove down, pulling Weston's fifth wheel trailer, they managed to break two of the leaf springs on the trailer. How they made it all the way to my house without major problems I'll never know. Day two of their stay brought a little more urgency to the need of getting the trailer fixed so my Dad and I headed down to Richfield where we thought we could find the parts. We managed to track down one, but we needed two new springs so the trip was kind of a waste. We continued a little further south to check on a couple of streams, both of which were running an uninviting shade of brown. Almost ready to call the morning a complete waste we headed back in the direction of home. I talked my Dad into stopping by a warm-water reservoir for a few minutes where some friends of mine (I count them as friends whether they like it or not) had been having some success with pike and catfish. I was surprised Dad was willing to stop at all, he's usually quite the trout snob, but I figured we wouldn't catch anything in the heat of the day anyway. I threw on a red & white clouser minnow and Dad went with the venerable black wooley bugger. I had my only hit pretty quick after we started casting but missed it like a schmuck. Dad made good on his only strike and brought a skinny little pike to hand, his first pike of his life. 

The heat got to us not long after that so we called it a day and went back to our search for trailer parts. The next day was spent putting the trailer together so they could get back home. I wonder if they'll come for conference again next year? 
Hope you're as lucky,

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