Saturday, October 31, 2015

Book Review: Tomorrow's Fish

Tomorrow's Fish
and The View From My Vise
by R.E. Long

Just because I've been spending most of my fall hunting and working (not necessarily in that order) doesn't mean that I'm not still thinking and reading about fishing. Luckily I found this R.E. Long book to keep my head in the game. I really liked the format of a short story then a fly recipe of the fly featured in the story. It made for some good reading and a nice application story to the patterns. The patterns are as varied as the locations for the stories. R.E. fishes from coast to coast for trout of all varieties, accidental salmon, and some bluegills. His stories make me want to go to these places and try my hand at fishing them and provided a great escape from my day-to-day. 

"That moment in time where I am in my perfect corner of the world, the fish is cooperating in his corner of the world & the fly ends up right where it should be. Set perfectly in the corner of that buttery-gold jaw." - pg. 177

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