Saturday, July 18, 2015

Family Camping, pt. 2

If you missed part 1, check it out here 

It definitely felt good to be out and away from people. For the first day and a half we were the only ones up there. A few people came and went, but they stayed far enough away that even though they were around, they didn't make themselves known. 

He's good to take me fishing
On Sunday morning we decided to all sleep in a bit and have a nice breakfast together. Del likes to make omelets for the family once just about every trip. Ever since she came across the idea of making the omelets ahead of time, with all the ingredients in ziplock bags, then just cooking them in some boiling water (still in the bag) Del's been more than happy to make some up for our camping trips. Lucky us! These omelets are really good, with onion and mushrooms. After breakfast we all headed down to the shore to get some fishing in. Just after getting set up, I pulled in the first brook trout of the trip.
Decent brookie
Ever since I was a kid camping at Mirror Lake in the Uinta mountains I've always enjoyed fishing my way around a small lake. I managed to talk Atley into the endeavor and we set off to do some exploring and fishing. We definitely found some great spots to fish, although getting to some of them was pretty tough. Next time we'll just hot spot it and avoid the harder to get to parts. We both hooked into some fish, but the nicer ones we spotted seemed to avoid meeting us this time.

Workin' it
Once back at camp we found out that we'd missed lunch (the lake's a little bigger, and the hike is a little longer, than I anticipated) so we had to improvise a snack to get us by. The rest of the last day in camp was spent relaxin. I pulled out my new hammock to give it a try and found out some important things. First, the new straps work like a charm (the first set had some issues). Second, without something to insulate it's really easy to freeze your butt off (even in the middle of the day). And third, if you don't adjust how you're laying in the hammock the pressure on your calf can make it less than enjoyable. I'm still not sure if hammock camping is for me, hopefully I'll strap on the backpack before the end of the Summer and find out. 

Pretty nice view for my relaxin
We had everything down to a system at this point, so after dinner we had another fire, a few more s'mores, and spent our last night without any problems. In the morning came the work of breaking camp and heading home. A couple of quick stops to look at wildflowers and spot some deer and we were home well before most of us were really ready. Such is life. Hope you can get out, be safe, and enjoy the outdoors.

- Kidder

Didn't think Del was ever going to come back to the truck

Nice shot

A reminder that these roads can be a bit treacherous 

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