Wednesday, February 11, 2015


This past weekend I was able to attend our state's Music Educator's conference down in sunny St. George Utah. While there were some really good clinics (and a couple of terrible ones) I couldn't help but think about sneaking away and doing something outdoors. For the record, I didn't play hooky, but I wanted to. 

We decided to do something fun on our way home from the conference, and the logical choice was Zion's National Park. The Wife and I had been there years ago, but the kids never had. We had a great time doing an easy hike, driving the mile long tunnel, and doing a little exploring. The rest of the story is in the pics (which the Wife took).

Mind-blowing beauty everywhere you look

Cado looks like he's going to get in trouble...

The only wildlife we saw in the Park

Atley loves it when we ask him to take a picture for us

The rock just looks like it flowed


Nice panoramic
There isn't much green here, but when you find it the green stands out
The stop made for a late night drive home, but it was totally worth it. Hope you can get out, be safe, and enjoy nature.

- Kidder

There's just something about water...

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