Thursday, October 9, 2014


Fall seems to be going by way too quickly without me getting out and fishing. There has been one redeeming part of this season though, and that has been getting out and doing some hunting. Since my unsuccessful archery deer hunt we've been looking forward to my Wife's blackpowder hunt. Usually the weather is very cooperative and this is one of the most enjoyable hunts we do. This year it was rainy, cold, and a little bit miserable. We saw plenty of deer though and it was only a matter of time before it all came together. Once the buck was sighted Del did a great job of getting in position to make a great shot hitting the deer right in the back of the head. Perfect way to get her first buck. On the way back down the mountain we spotted a few more bucks. Sometimes it feels like the wildlife knows your intensions. 

Because of the rain we had to settle for a quick pic with my phone.
It's been a while since we had some deer steaks and fried potatoes, so we had a fresh meat dinner that night to celebrate. Of course the next day the weather had improved significantly, which is just par for the course. Couldn't be more proud of my hunter-lady. 

Turns out the rest of my family found a lot of success in a different area and were kind enough to send a picture for us to be jealous of.

The other hunt that is quickly becoming a tradition for me, my Dad, and my brothers is the Spike and Cow Elk hunt. I was working late the night before the hunt (rehearsal in another town coupled with a pep band performance makes for a late night) so I arrived on the mountain a little late to join the others for their morning hunt so I made a solitary walk that turned out to be a bust. By the time I made it back to the truck I had received several calls & texts about my brother shooting a Cow Elk and needing some help getting her out. I actually ended up doing very little to help, but we made quick work of it and started making some plans for our evening hunt that didn't pan out. The next morning we headed back into the productive area from the day before where two more of my brothers managed to get their Cow tags filled and my Dad found a spike.

The old boy still knows how to lay some smack down
After spending the second morning of the hunt field dressing and hauling out three more elk it was time to head back and forget about the half conceived notion of stopping and fishing along the way. Yes, there is a time when even I am too tired to fish.

Hope you can get out, be safe, and enjoy nature.

- Kidder

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