Saturday, September 13, 2014


All Summer long I was meaning to get back up to another one of my favorite streams (they all seem to be on that list) but I was too busy with other lakes, other streams, other fish. Finally, I decided to bite the bullet and just get up there and I even talked Atley into going with me. When we arrived at the river there was quite a bit of mist coming off it and some elk screaming up on the hill. Great way to start the day. 
Mist & Bugles
I love hearing elk bugle and there always seems to be quite a few around this stream. It means that some of the best fishing of the year and hunting season is upon us. It also marks the beginning of the end in a lot of ways. Seems like from here on out Mother Nature starts taking options off the table till you're adding more lead on your leader with shaking hands while fishing some tailwater or staring down through an icehole. I like both options to get me through the Winter but it doesn't compete with what the warmer months give us. 

Wishing I had my elk calls on me. They were calling up on the hill.
Didn't get any fish on nymphs out of the first hole and I was starting to think the somewhat off colored water was going to be our downfall when we found a pod of rising fish. On went a Purple Haze and it was fish on! Loved to find a couple of Cutthroat to start the catching.

They do seem to love the dries

Then I spotted a nicer brown feeding just above them. I may have gotten a little excited, because I totally blew the cast. Overshot him and the shadow of my flyline put him down. No big deal, these aren't the pampered fish you have to deal with other places, these are the blue collar fish that we love and after a quick break to grab a granola bar and a sip of water he was back and willing to try a purple treat.


Next came a pair of Rainbows that fought like they were twice their own size, and didn't want their picture taken.

Escape artist

Atley worked his nymph rig to perfection (couldn't get close enough to the risers to get a shot) and pulled a couple fish to hand.

The photog got in on the action

The only sport fish missing from this one hole was a tiger trout. (Though we did end up catching one a little later in the day)

Still lots of Chubs around

Unbelievably good fishing from that spot. Caught a bunch more before deciding to move up stream. It was about then that we ran into another group of anglers and I was pining for the days of Summer when I could avoid weekends. Turns out they were some nice guys, and the only other anglers we'd meet till heading back to our car. After jumping out and around them (they were heading downstream while we were heading up) I hooked into a great fish that made Atley get all excited. Put some serious bend into my rod as it ran upstream, then turned and beelined down. I managed to keep the slack out of the line but when I tried to put a little muscle into it and steer him to shore the hook popped loose. I won't guess how big he was, but I can honestly say I wish I didn't have to wonder. Oh well. Land 'em or loose 'em and then move on. I found more willing fish soon enough.

He was fun to wrestle in the rough water

Atley's last of the day

Surprised he can still see anything

We reached the spot where it seems I always finish up my day of fishing and found another pod of rising fish. Unlike the fish of the morning, however, these fish seemed to like looking at my flies rather than take a taste. So I started cycling though patterns, dropping my tippet strength down and all that jazz. Finally I went with plan 'B'. A small deer hair beetle went on and I finished out the day with a beautiful brown.

Plan 'B'

Unbelievable day out on the water with my boy. Nothing like raising your favorite fishing buddies. Hope you can get out, be safe, and enjoy the water.

- Kidder

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