Sunday, April 14, 2013


Could not believe how strong the wind was yesterday!  Must be crazy for going fishing in it, but my Sister's family came down for the afternoon, and, well, you know....

We decided to head over to Gunnison Res. to, hopefully, hook into a few carp.  In the past we've had no problem with drowning a worm and having good action here.  Unfortunately it just wasn't in the cards for the baiters.  Luckily, I had my flyrod and managed to catch my first 'Urban Bonefish' on a flyrod.  The little guy (as far as carp go) took a flashback pheasant tail that I was fishing on a slow retrieve.

On the short ride back to our house a couple of rabbits crossed the road, so we stopped to take a look.  Once I stepped out of our truck I could hear the air escaping one of the tires.  So the short ride went a little quicker than usual so I could throw the spare on in the comfort of my garage.  Made it back in time, and once I figured out how to lower the spare tire (Had to tighten the mechanism, then loosen.  I guess I should've known that...)  managed to get the spare on in no time.  BIL Zach was a huge help, so nice to have a hand.  After dinner, our guests decided to head on down the road to continue their Southern Utah vacation.  In the morning we get the call asking if Zach's wallet was at our house.  After an extensive search of the house and truck my sister's family was back to take a ride back down to Gunnison Res. to see if it was still down there.  Yeah, my rods were still in the truck, so of course I fished some more.

This guy hit a prince nymph.

Another small one, but at least I was catching fish.

Half expected him to start talking like Vincent Price.

That's basically just a Hare's Ear that
I tied with green ice dubbing.  First fish I've ever caught with it.

Nice lips

 Managed to have some good success fishing, but didn't ever come across the wallet.  If you're down this way and come across it I'm sure he'd like it back.  Hopefully the wind hasn't kept you at home.
Quite the rudder they've got!

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