Saturday, June 20, 2015


This past week it was my turn to attend a professional development conference. Some teachers don't like these, but I find after a long school year nothing gets me excited about getting back to work than hearing some new ideas, reconnecting with other teachers, and of course sneaking away to do some fishing on streams that I don't often get to fish. On the way up to Logan, UT I stopped off to pick up my Father's Day gift from Del and boys at Cabelas (It was in bags, so I still don't know what it is). I also delivered my Dad's Father's Day/Birthday gift from me, the nice 8wt rod that I built for him (read about that here).

Nice stream
Even after all that I still arrived with plenty of time to check into the hotel, grab something to eat, and head up to the stream. Just to mix things up even more, I passed on fishing the usual spots and elected to instead drive further up than I've ever fished before to explore. Right off the bat I found some willing fish, and pulled in a nice sized whitefish to start the evening. Living and fishing in Southern Utah means that I don't see many of these, so they're still somewhat of a novelty to me. Fishing upstream, I found quick runs and beautiful glassy pools filled with mostly brown trout, though there were also some cutthroat trout intermixed to keep it interesting (along with the odd whitefish). 

Always good to catch multiple species
At one point the stream-side brush was really thick, the current heavy and deep in front of me with overhanging trees from bank to bank. I decided to push on, and after a few tense moments when I realized there must be a good sized hole in my waders somewhere in the vicinity of my crotch, I made it through. When I broke out into the open again it felt as though I'd stumbled into a secret room. Open only to the sky, I could see that casting was going to be difficult, but there were many rising fish to make sure the effort was worth it.

With no one waiting for me back at the hotel I continued fishing my way upstream until I could no longer see my parachute PMD. 

Fish of the evening, a beauty of a Cutt
The next evening another teacher at the conference joined me for the evening of fishing. Josh and I are actually neighbors but it seems like we never get out fishing together. It could have something to do with him being a music teacher at two schools, volunteering as an EMT, and having five kids, but I'm not sure. Anyway, an afternoon rainstorm that seemed to stick around just to sprinkle on us enough to keep us worried about a complete downpour had made this evening much cooler than the night before. At first I was worried that the fishing would be a lot tougher, but the fish didn't seem to notice too much and were still willing to rise for our dry fly offerings. We fished until we could no longer see our flies, but the mosquitos didn't seem to have any problem finding us. 

Glad Josh could get into several fish
At the conclusion of the conference the next day I had to hurry home for a school board meeting and get ready for my Summer Band program to start. Though it was too bad I didn't get out for another evening before having to head home, it sure felt good to hit some different water and recharge my batteries. Hope you can get out, be safe, and enjoy nature.

- Kidder

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