Monday, June 29, 2015


Back in February, I was longingly thinking about June and all the after work short trips that I'd be taking. Not to mention the backpacking, camping, boating, etc, etc.... In an attempt to realize those torturous late winter dreams I headed out after work one day last week with my buddy Ross to try a small stream I know of that holds some nicer fish. 

Once we arrived it was obvious that fishing was going to be tough with low water, a bright sun and some spooky fish. So, we fished in turns with the other guy acting as a spotter. I don't know about you, but I really like fishing this way. We soon found some fish that were willing to play and Ross was into a good rainbow on his egg pattern. 

A nice, darkly colored, rainbow
I backed up and climbed down to help him out with his fish and spotted a fish working in the riffle just behind us. So I slung my streamer over and worked it back and forth in the current which brought on a vicious hit (for such little guy) from another 'bow. 

Love seeing a fish slam a streamer

Fishing really slowed down from there as the mosquitoes began to really become a nuisance, but we trudged on hoping that the two pools up ahead would yield some nicer fish. There were definitely fish around as we approached, but they were hard to get at without making 'em wise to our presence. Not to mention that we were casting, swatting mosquitoes, changing hands, swatting mosquitoes, setting on a take - too late, and swatting at mosquitoes.


In the next hole we spotted a couple of fish holding just outside of an undercut bank and I decided to try my hand at some underwater photography. The first two attempts yielded very cloudy pictures in which you could barely discern a fish, but the third shot was by far the most successful. 

Not quite Fish Eye Guy Photography, but not bad for a hack like me!

Ended out the day with a final 'bow hitting my streamer below a fairly impressive little waterfall. I shot a quick pic, released the fish, and we hurried back to the car - swatting mosquitoes the whole way. All in all a good little trip, and a reminder to bring some bug spray next time! Hope you can get out, be safe, and enjoy nature.
- Kidder

This streamer is getting close to earning itself a name....any suggestions?