Sunday, June 18, 2017


Caden's account:

In the trip I remember making hot dogs for dinner and we worked on the first legends of Caden! [a book him and his brother are writing] And we went fishing for a couple of hours then headed back to have some cheese burgers! And in the last day we went fishing for a little bit then we went to camp, packed up and left!

Atley's Account:

When my Dad told me we were going fishing/camping I wasn't surprised, my Dad had been talking about camping with Grandpa a lot! So after we were ready we left. We listened to music on the way and had a good time. After we got to Fish Lake we spent a bit of time looking for a campsite. It was so crowded. So many people in one place that wasn't a city! 

After we were done setting up we went fishing at a lake that I don't remember the name of. I fished a little bit but I didn't catch anything. After we left we ate dinner, it was my brother's night to cook so we had hot dogs, they were very good! After dinner I fell asleep really fast! My Dad went fishing in the morning and when he came back, Caden and I were still in bed! It was like 9:30 AM So we ate poptarts and drew until it was time to go fishing again. After we got to our fishing spot I played with my cousins and took pictures it was a crowded area with all of the people. After my Grandpa and Uncle left I fished a little bit and caught a fish it was small.... A little while after, we left and cooked hamburgers at camp for Dinner and it was delicious! We went to bed a while after. In the morning my Dad went fishing. When he got back we packed up and left!

My Account:

My Dad decided that he'd like to go camping before we get busy building houses and preparing for the next hunting season & school year so we made it happen. Decided to get out of the heat and head for the mountains. Fish Lake is a place that we always talk about going to more often but never seem to, so now seemed like a great time to get up there. Unfortunately, some wind decided to make a mess that my Dad had to help clean up and we got a little bit of a late start to our trip.

Once we had made it down to the lake we went out in search of a place to put our trailers and had a bit of trouble finding a good one. My trailer is pretty small and can be set up in relatively small spots, but Weston's and my Dad's trailers are pretty big and so finding a spot to accommodate them was a little more of a challenge. We ended up staying in a campground that cost us a bit of money, but made for a nice camp spot. Weston came up a little later, so he missed out on finding a camp spot but still had to make the rounds in order to find us. By the time camp was decided on and set up the boys were starving, so Caden made some hotdogs that tasted great!

Bright and early, Dad and I headed out to try several spots around Fish Lake but had a hard time finding a productive spot. Dad did manage to catch a pretty splake, but other than that the early morning was a strikeout. 

Decided to head back to camp and get everyone else so we could take a ride to a 'nearby' reservoir to see if our luck would change. Forsyth Reservoir is a place that I'd never fished before but one that I'll definitely return to. The boys and I elected to fish near the dam but Weston, Dad and their families decided to find another spot that would be easier with the little kids. We found a few fish that were willing to come to a Baby Damsel as long as it was near the bottom with a slow retrieve. 

It got hot quick, so we headed back to camp for sandwiches and an unplanned nap. The boys spent their time in camp drawing and working on a story that they've been working on together. Part of me wanted them to head outside and explore, but after spending the better part of the morning in the sun they probably needed a break. In the evening we decided to try Fish Lake again, this time with the whole camp.

Lots of fish were surfacing, so I decided to go with a midge cluster pattern pulled behind a casting bubble on my spinning outfit. Initially it was the bait fishers that did well with my Dad's wife Deb catching a couple of small bows. I think everyone ended up catching a couple and it was fun to see the girls react to the fish. 

After the rest got bored with the fishing, the boys and I stayed on a little longer. Atley finally pulled himself out from behind the camera to fish a bit for himself and caught a little planter for himself. Then we spent a few minutes skipping rocks (the boys know better than to do this while people are trying to fish) and the boys were happy.

One last bright and early excursion for Dad and me found us on top of a mountain looking for fishy water. The first reservoir we stopped at looked promising, but all we saw were waterdogs (my Grandpa always claimed that if a lake had waterdogs it meant that there weren't any fish) so we headed on hoping to catch a few before heading back to clean up camp. 

We found a pretty lake to try out and I used my spinning outfit again. It didn't take long for some rainbows to check in by way of a black Woolly Bugger and Prince nymph behind my casting bubble. A large cougar track on shore was pretty cool to see, until we heard the cat going after some nesting ducks, then it was really cool! Dad didn't have much luck until he slowed his retrieve down, but even then he could only buy a couple of hits before we had to head back to camp.

Cleaned up and headed for home, where we decided to take the trailer straight to our new property. Excited to see that the footings had been poured and the foundation was being formed up!

Hope you're as lucky,

Sunday, June 11, 2017


I wish that my motivations were completely selfless, but I'll be honest, I needed hours for the dedicated hunter program. This will be my third and final year in the program until I apply again, so I really needed to finish up my service hours. I've really enjoyed being able to hunt the archery, muzzleloader and rifle seasons and only getting two tags for the three year span of the program hasn't seemed like that big of a drawback to me. A perk to the program is that if you get a cow elk permit for the same area you can than hunt elk during your deer seasons.

So I needed 12 more hours to complete the 32 required for the program. The chukar guzzler project seemed to fit the bill pretty well and came before we start building our new house, which I'm expecting will take up all of my time & energy. So I woke up early on Saturday to make the drive over the mountains. I enjoyed the views, and seeing some buck deer, but didn't have to stop.

Building the guzzler wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't so far off the road. We started by digging a 4'x4' hole 3' deep. Then I spent most of the day hauling parts while others put it together. Everyone has a role, mine was mule. Pretty interesting to see how these are put together and despite the heat and hard work (or maybe because of it) I thought it was pretty fun. It was also an insight to how hard our Division of Wildlife Resources works for us here in Utah. One more project and I'll have my hours done, then I'll be ready for the hunts to start come August.

Hope you're as lucky,


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Getting Out

It's been a while since I've made it out fishing. Over a month, in fact, unless you count the few minutes I carried a rod while walking by a blue line. It's been even longer since I felt rusty with my fly casting. The water was clear, and the weather was nice, which made it feel great to be out there. The fish were active and excited to try a Tri-Colored Nymph for breakfast, which made it even better. The first awkward cast had me hooked into a fish momentarily and on the second cast I brought a little brownie to hand. Beautiful little fish that reminded me of why I'm so obsessed with fishing. 

Despite it being very accessible, with good numbers of fish and some decent hatches I just seem to consistently overlook this stream. I'd say that I'll try and remedy that, but honestly I probably won't, there are just too many good places to fish near where I live. Makes you wonder why I haven't been getting out, doesn't it?

I was getting consistent action so I took the opportunity to try out some different patterns, with not much hatching nothing worked better than the Tri-Colored nymph that I started with. Though I did get a couple to come up to a Pauterbaugh Caddis, which was the top fly in my dry/dropper rig. Seemed like every hole had a few fish that were willing to play. 

Once I reached a certain bend in the stream the bite just turned off. I still managed to get a couple more fish but they were fewer and further between. I'm not sure if I'd just reached a point where someone else had fished lately, or if it was just time of day. Either way, I'd had a good day and was overdue for heading back home. It felt really good to get out again.

Hope you're as lucky,

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


No, I'm not dead.....yet. I've just gotten busy with stuff that seemed important at the time but now I realize has just kept me from fishing for the past month. I'll change that this week if everything goes as planned. In the meantime I've been thinking about ways to get involved to help maintain and expand opportunities to do what we love, so expect more call to action type material on here. I don't care which way you lean politically, I belong to the party of Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Recreation. In that spirit here are a few groups that I believe are helping the cause:

Even though I've never been there, I hope to go one day. When I do, it would be nice if the waters remained pristine so that fish and wildlife can still be abundant. This organization is fighting the good fight for Alaska's Bristol Bay: 

If you don't belong to Trout Unlimited I believe you should. It's a great way to help conservation efforts and stay informed on how the powers that be are trying to change the game. Specifically with the terrible idea of transferring our Federal Public Lands to the States. There are a lot of problems with this plan that I'll discuss in upcoming posts, but if you need proof it's a bad idea go look at how states across the west have administered (sold, closed access to, leased, drilled, etc) our Trust Lands. Go to their website, click on the "Take Action" button to help. (You could also become a member and/or donate)

This is an organization that was just brought to my attention this year. I really like their stance on public lands and habitat conservation. They are another organization that has really come to bat for public lands and informing/mobilizing the people to protect what we all hold dear, wild places and the animals that rely on them. They are a great source of information.

If you're like me the past six months have been exhausting with so many political battles and issues to stay current on. Remember that this is our country and the elected officials are supposed to represent what we want done to and for our country. Let 'em know what's important to you!

If you need to figure out who your Senators and Representatives are go to this website:

And now, I'm going fishing.
Hope you're as lucky,

Friday, April 21, 2017

Out With The Boys

I know that no one feels bad for me, probably because of all the fishing and hunting I get to do, but I needed a break. I had a personal day that needed to be used or I'd lose it come the end of May and Southern Utah was calling me. In anticipation of the native cutthroat trout that I imagined we'd be pulling in hand over foot, I signed Atley and me up for the Utah Cutthroat Slam figuring that it'd be easy to cross off at least one of the species. 

I'm not sure if it was just the appeal of a day off from school, or if they actually wanted to spend time with their dad, but either way the boys wanted to come!! On the road for a bit of a long drive but the boys had fun picking what music we listened to and I enjoyed the scenery.

First stop was a cool little spot that Loah at Utah Water Log told me about and it soon produced some beautiful tiger trout that were suckers for a Woolley Bugger fished deep. It was all fun and games until Atley found out how cold the water was when he fell in.

The fish were nice, but the bite was slow and soon the boys wanted lunch and a change of scenery. After some peanut butter and honey sandwiches we were on our way to lake #2 in hope of more fish and maybe some cutthroats. The boys seemed more interested in playing games with each other than fishing, which is fine by me. I love when the boys fish but I was still just happy that they were there with me, and they still ran down to reel in a fish or take a picture of one I caught. 

I'm not sure why I didn't try it at the first spot, but the first fly I tied on was a Barber Pole like my Dad had taught me how to tie about twenty years ago. Maybe I'll show you how we tie and fish them like a soft hackle. The fish sure seemed to like it on a slow strip and we caught one every two or three casts while the hatch kept up. Tiger trout really are pretty, even if they are a little weird. We even managed to get a Cutthroat, our only one of the trip.

As the light went off the water we watched a deer make its way down the hill for a drink as I kept catching fish. The boys were having fun playing with the camera and throwing rocks. I wished it could've lasted for hours. This lake is one of the prettiest I've been to and in the evening half light, watching the deer, hearing wild turkeys and having fish on the end of my line with the boys it was the best place on earth. 

It seems like food was the only thing that interrupted my fishing on this trip, and it wasn't long before the boys were begging for dinner. Reluctantly I ended my evening fishing and we headed out in search of a place to camp. 

We found an amazing camp site under the ponderosa pines where we cooked hot dogs over the fire and hung out. Dessert was supposed to be roasted marshmallows but they were pretty nasty so we burned the whole package. The boys thought it was hilarious how the flames changed colors and it burned for over an hour. The dropping temps of Spring in the high(ish) country prompted us to forego the tent in favor of the cab of the truck. Where we were surprisingly comfortable.

In the morning we set about cleaning up the camp and found a pretty old looking pile of trash. I figured we could take a few minutes and clean it up, but there was so much trash we'll have to finish the job the next time we're there. After we had cleaned up as much as we had space for we headed to a new spot where I know some nice Cutthroats live. Apparently nobody told them they were supposed to make an appearance, but we'll be back. Heading down the mountain we decided to make one more spot to eat lunch before making the trek home in time to color eggs and all that Easter stuff. Started making some Top Ramen for the boys and caught a pretty brook trout before the water had boiled. 

The boys managed to catch a couple of small, but fat, rainbows to end our fishing for the trip. It was a great time out with the boys and I'm glad we got it in while we could. With the upcoming move and house build there might not be too much time for many trips like this. 

Hope you're as lucky,

I found my sign!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

One More

This has been one of the most boring Spring breaks I can remember. 1st world problems, I know, but we ended up having to spend more money than we were expecting for our upcoming move, I hurt my neck/back, and the weather sucked. This all adds up to not enough fishing. I even had some plans involving the shed hunting opener here in Utah and trying to put together some videos. About midweek I was really starting to pull my hair out so the boys and I hit a stream for a quick trip (Read about that trip Here). It was such a raging success, and such a short trip, that I couldn't wait to get back.

I saw my chance at the end of the week for a solo morning trip. Despite the cold, rainy weather, I was still excited to be out and expected some great fishing. It started out the exact opposite of what I was hoping for. Only a couple of half-hearted nips at my woolly bugger made up the action for the first couple of hours. I mixed it up, trying a bunch of different rigs that have produced for me in the past to no avail. I was heading back to the car, tail between my legs, when I decided to put on a Prince Nymph with a San Juan Worm dropper (again) to try the bottoms of a few pools. On a dime my luck turned around and I had my first fish in hand.

From there on it was a new day! Fish were more than willing to take what I was serving up, several of them took it quite aggressively too.

Fishing picked up even more when I put a flashback Hare's Ear on. I was just starting to wonder if I'd see any of the bigger fish today when a decent one made an appearance. 

I moved up to a pool that has always been a weird one for me. Either it's great and I pull several fish from it or it's a complete blank. Today it was great and it saved the best fish for last. This guy jumped three times, straight up and straight back down, before coming to hand. 

Just like the other day when I was here with the boys, this fish had a hole in it's back. Must be some sort of predator around.

Fishing continued to be good, so good in fact that I overstayed when I told the wife I'd be home. A text informing me that I was a liar reminded me of things I'd said and I headed for home. After one more fish...

Hope you're as lucky,


"Slutty Flies"