Friday, June 5, 2015

Family Time

We decided to kick Summer off the right way and go camping with my sister Jenny and her family. Figuring out where to go seemed to include way too much indecision, but we finally decided to make base camp at Huntington North State Park and maybe take a ride into the high country to escape the heat of the day. Huntington North is a nice place to stay, though I wouldn't really call it camping. Running water, restrooms, showers and full cell service make it seem a little too civilized. 

As the second day's heat really started to settle in, we packed up and spent the afternoon in the high country where we found a mixed bag of rainbows and tigers that were willing to play. Riann sure had the magic touch. On the way back I convinced the wife to let me fling a fly in one of my favorite streams. Managed a couple before we moved on, did see a couple of cicadas around so maybe I'll head back over soon...

After fishing we found a place to eat lunch and shoot some guns.

Lot's of fun out and about. Hope you can get out, be safe and enjoy nature.
- Kidder