Friday, June 26, 2015

Father's Day

I think they've definitely spoiled me this year. Not only did my family get me a sweet reel case, an awesome sweatshirt and a fitbit (so there's proof to how lazy I've been) but they also agreed to go fishing with me. With the homemade breakfast and gifts out of the way, we loaded the rowboat into the back of the truck and headed into the high country. 

Some great views up here
Once at our destination, we quickly set up and launched our small boat. Before we were really even started Del hooked up with a fat brook trout while trolling a small gold spinner. I tried to get the boys set up with similar rigs while fighting the gusty wind that would be off and on the whole time we were there. The boys had several hits, but only Del could close the deal while trolling.

Prettiest fisherwoman I know
After a bit of a slow stretch, during which I wore out my arms/back from rowing, we decided to drop anchor and see if a different approach might yield better results. We set Del and the boys up with bait while I tried a jig tipped with a Gulp! minnow. Probably should've changed over sooner! As soon as my jig went down it was being attacked. Meanwhile, the bait fishermen/woman seemed to have pretty good luck too. 

It's a nice fish, but I'm not sure why he's holding it that way...
Everyone, that is, except Cado. He had struck out while trolling and was starting to get really frustrated with fishing altogether. To keep talks of lunch at bay, I let him pull one in on my rod and that seemed to get rid of the skunk. Soon he had one of the few rainbows we caught on his own pole.

This brookie got the skunk off

The play by play of Cado's 'bow
After Cado got his fish we headed in, loaded up, and went to search out a place to have lunch. We found a nice little spot that would be great to camp in (maybe soon?), ate, the kids did bigfoot calls, and Del played with her camera a bit.

Nice perspective
I don't know how everyone else celebrates this holiday, but I think our way is best. I can't think of a place that would've been any better, or anyone that it would've been to be with, than being outdoors fishing with my family. Hope you had a great Father's Day, and hope that you can get out, be safe, and enjoy the outdoors.
- Kidder