Saturday, June 23, 2018


My Dad recently purchased a boat from my brother that has been passed around the family for quite a while now. In his spare time, which he doesn't have a whole lot of because he pushes himself to work way too much; he's been fixing the boat up and trying to get it ready to do some fishing. Knowing that there's only so much he could do in the driveway, he was itching for a test run and he invited the boys and me to come along. 

Strawberry Reservoir is by no means a secret spot, but it's decently close to where Dad lives and is usually worth the effort. It's a long drive for us (kinda) but getting the boys out fishing with their Grandpa is worth an extra few miles. Timed it perfectly and met Dad and his wife Deb at the boat ramp where we tried to remember every last minute detail to have the boat ready. We did alright, considering how long its been, and got the boat off the trailer without a hitch (get it?....sorry). It was only then that we realized the battery didn't have enough of a charge to start the main motor and the trolling motor didn't seem to interested in helping us out either. The battery was brand new, but apparently Dad hadn't turned everything off after he checked it the night before. In between trying to get the trolling motor started we hooked one of the many chubs that were swimming under the dock.

After a hundred (or was it a thousand?) pulls on the rope the trolling motor finally came to life and we chanced it to get a little fishing in. Getting a sling blade out and hooked to the down-rigger brought back a lot of childhood memories and it didn't take long before Atley was running one on his own. Caden was more interested in taking a nap up in the bow of the boat. Driving the boat and watching my Dad and Atley trying to figure out how to hook fish was really fun. They managed a few, but missed many more. When my jokes and teasing went too far, my Dad insisted that I "show him how it's done". Luckily, I remembered pretty well and boated a decent kokanee salmon. Atley says trolling is his favorite way to fish now, I guess we'll have to do this again...

Hope you're as lucky,

He thought that if he made faces I wouldn't use the pics...

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