Saturday, August 17, 2013


After saving all of our $5 bills for almost a year, the day finally arrived when we loaded up the family and drove all freakin' day northward.  

A mere six (or so) hours later we made our first stop to show the kids Bear World, and while it's not my favorite the kids sure loved it.

On to Yellowstone!  Day one was dedicated to the geysers and hot-pots, though we seemed to fall into a waterfall theme.

Fairy Falls

Moose Falls

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Even with all the family sight-seeing time I still managed to get in some fishing at the great mecca of flyfishing.  The first opportunity to fish came up in the Lamar Valley on a cloudy afternoon.  Upon finding the Lamar River a bit overcrowded for my taste, Soda Butte Creek fit the bill with a nice stretch that looked lonely enough.  This being my first time fishing Soda Butte I was surprised to find a stream with such a gravely bottom, especially because of the meadow clearing that I was fishing.  No matter, the fish were willing and I was ready after looking at so many great looking streams.  A size 16 Adams was the ticket to some beautiful Cutthroat trout.

Doesn't get much better than this

Beautiful fish with some sexy tackle

Okay, I did catch one on a StoneFlopper before
changing to the Adams.
The next morning I let the family sleep in for a couple of hours to try my luck on the Firehole River near Madison campground.  I found no love on top, but actually had some good action on a deep Mod-Hare's Ear.

On our last evening in the Park we took a walk down by the Madison River and enjoyed seeing some Elk as a nice spinnerfall mixed with some caddis to feed the locals.  I didn't fish, but enjoyed taking it in with the family.  It was the perfect end to a great family trip, hopefully you can get out and enjoy the water.