Monday, March 21, 2016

After Hours

Sometimes you just have to make time to get out when you really don't have it. With that in mind Ross and I hit up a stream after work in hopes of finding some tug to keep our sanity. At the first hole it was obvious that it had been a long Winter for Ross, as he was struggling with some tangles. I just traded him rods until he hooked into a decent fish that knew how to win the fight. The brown took to the air and then ran right at him and got off. From there we worked our way upstream trading off fish.

A good fish, glad he got it to hand
We came up on a couple of rising fish and I managed to hook and land the smallest fish I've ever caught. That's the most air this fish will ever experience (oops). 
Pretty lil thing
With the dark came the cold and just when we were about to call it for the day I caught my last fish, on my last cast (I could get used to this!). 

Hope you can get out,