Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Too Much Fun?

Can I just say something here? I have the best Wife. Ever. I mean seriously, have you seen how much I fish? Life with me is a constant barrage of gear, tying flies, reading fishing books/blogs, videos, and then the actual fishing trips. It's a lot to put up with, and if you factor in all the hunting & music stuff I do it doesn't leave a lot of time to do other things (like lawn mowing). Most women wouldn't put up with it, but she does and I thought I should point that out.

Anyway, yesterday morning I woke Atley up out of a dead sleep and asked him to go fishing with me. He was all for it so we got things ready to go. I was itching to get to our destination as quickly as possible but I knew the day would go much smoother if we had some needed supplies. When going solo I'm usually not worried about eating or drinking anything but water, but going spartan doesn't work with kids. Peanut butter sandwiches, starburst candy, and lots to drink makes all the difference in the world when heading out with the young'uns. 

Once we were getting close to the 'trailhead' (such as it is) a coyote streaked across the road. It's always remarkable how quickly they disappear, and we hoped to do the same. Along the trail Atley found a lot of things he felt like were picture worthy.

He thought it was so cool that the trail went under this broken tree!

Lots of little streams along the trail
Upon arrival we started fishing up the shore line with little to no success, but were working towards where I knew the fish would be. Unfortunately, our secret spot isn't secret. A group of three young anglers joined us at the lake and made their way to where I was hoping to finish our day. Crap. We still found some fish but it wasn't what I had been hoping for. Then another, larger, group showed up at the lake and thought it would be a good idea to fish right next to us. This secret spot was starting to feel like a community pond. A walk around to the far side of the lake was in order, and it was a great spot to have our lunch. 

This isn't a pic from the other side, but it is a pic of the other side
Fortunately the crowd thinned and we started picking up some good fish. Mostly on Orange Ashers and MHEs. Atley was working the flyrod pretty well when he wasn't tangled up with himself or the nearest tree. We worked out a system where we'd fish till he got tangled, or lost his flies, then I'd trade him rods and fix the issue until the next trade was in order. He's getting better and better at this flyfishing thing and it's making life really fun for me. 

Proud of this kid 
It was a really pretty cutt, trust me

Love the colors on this one

Just over 21"
As usual the hike out seemed to be twice as long as it was on the way in and Atley felt it. I tried to let him take his time with enough breaks, but I'll admit that it was tough. I tend to push through hikes and try to get to the goal as quickly as possible. I'm trying to be more patient and Atley's helping me learn. Hope you can get out and enjoy the water.

- Kidder

Too much fun?